True Drama
Liana Wright Mark

With a resume that includes Ocean's 8 and That Chick!, Liana Wright-Mark is a celebrity actress featured in a variety of shows and creative project. A graduate of Pace University's BFA Musician Theater program, she is also a dancer, musician and book author who works with top industry artists. Liana explains, “I get to play the intrepid reporter who sensationalizes a creepy reality-based horror film. It was great to take on the trope in this smart film that’s trying to launch us beyond a fascination with crime to a better reality.”

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About True Drama
Strange Bacchic disturbances in the woods protesting a local horror movie prompt a police investigation. A shadowy figure emerges. Calling himself the God of Drama, he believes that he can achieve the seemingly impossible goal of returning drama to its original purpose – of preparing citizens for leadership in democracy. As the horror movie spirals out of control, and the Bacchae are consumed in violence - can officer Ailish Walsh discern the truth before a gruesome Greek drama unfolds?

Director James Thomas creates a Greek tragedy for our time. A horror story that looks at the original role of drama – as the companion invention of democracy – to shed light on how modern media is still working in our lives, in hidden ways, to rip us apart. True Drama is an alarm – a rare moment of clarity – a terrifying jolt - and an invitation to enjoy the true transcendental power of drama to help us envision a better Democracy.

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