True Drama
James Thomas

James Thomas is perhaps best known as the voice of Muzzy - the big green furry monster - in the BBC’s language cartoon. With credits that including the Oresteia, Medea and Prometheus Bound, he was an obvious choice to play Dionysos the god of drama. He explains, “In this story Dionysos is the personification of everything best from ancient Greece. He’s the hero who comes to save us from ignorance. He’s the personification of the classical tradition – for why we should read Cicero, Vergil, Horace and Aristotle. Knowing the best from the past prods us to live the fullest possible life. He brings us the priceless legacy – the knowledge that only thought and art live forever.”

About True Drama
Strange Bacchic disturbances in the woods protesting a local horror movie prompt a police investigation. A shadowy figure emerges. Calling himself the God of Drama, he believes that he can achieve the seemingly impossible goal of returning drama to its original purpose – of preparing citizens for leadership in democracy. As the horror movie spirals out of control, and the Bacchae are consumed in violence - can officer Ailish Walsh discern the truth before a gruesome Greek drama unfolds?

Director James Thomas creates a Greek tragedy for our time. A horror story that looks at the original role of drama – as the companion invention of democracy – to shed light on how modern media is still working in our lives, in hidden ways, to rip us apart. True Drama is an alarm – a rare moment of clarity – a terrifying jolt - and an invitation to enjoy the true transcendental power of drama to help us envision a better Democracy.

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