True Drama
Aidan Laliberte

Aidan Laliberte plays the lead role of Mr. B in True Drama. “I think what’s so interesting about playing Mr. B is that it not clear if I am the protagonist or the antagonist. Dionysus is definitely opposing me – but Dionysos is a confusing god of dualities – he’s all about dissolving differences so it’s not clear who is in the right. Certainly, my character feels that he is a victim. I think in the end, I think of Dionysos and Mr. B – as different aspect of Dionysian duality. The association is played out verbally - both of us have names that start with plosives. Mr. ‘D’ -Dionysos - and Mr. ‘B’ and it begs the broader connection to the state with Mr. ‘T’ – Trump.

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About True Drama
Strange Bacchic disturbances in the woods protesting a local horror movie prompt a police investigation. A shadowy figure emerges. Calling himself the God of Drama, he believes that he can achieve the seemingly impossible goal of returning drama to its original purpose – of preparing citizens for leadership in democracy. As the horror movie spirals out of control, and the Bacchae are consumed in violence - can officer Ailish Walsh discern the truth before a gruesome Greek drama unfolds?

Director James Thomas creates a Greek tragedy for our time. A horror story that looks at the original role of drama – as the companion invention of democracy – to shed light on how modern media is still working in our lives, in hidden ways, to rip us apart. True Drama is an alarm – a rare moment of clarity – a terrifying jolt - and an invitation to enjoy the true transcendental power of drama to help us envision a better Democracy.

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